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Anthony Green
The Dear Hunter

June 22, 2012
Chicago, IL


Anthony Green


Anthony Green

Good Old War


Anthony Green



i wish i was as cool as AG.


Anthony Green @ Culture Room

NYC- Beautiful shot.



Tickets are currently on sale for Anthony Green’s June 2012 BEAUTIFUL THINGS Tour w/ The Dear Hunter! Grab em!

6/20/12 Mr. Small’s Theatre Pittsburgh, PA TICKETS
6/21/12 The Emerson Theatre Indianapolis, IN
6/22/12 The Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL
6/23/12 Station…


Last show of the Beautiful Things tour tonight at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. (Taken with Instagram at Bluebird Theater)



Yes. Love.

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@anthonygreen666 and @goodoldwar onstage in Salt Lake City tonight! (Taken with Instagram at The Complex)



Anthony Green. January 19, 2012. Bowery Ballroom, NYC.


PropertyOfZack had the chance to catch up with Anthony Green on his solo tour for a great interview. Anthony and I discussed the solo tour, working with Good Old War, his next solo record, a little Circa Survive, and a whole bunch more. Read up and enjoy!

You kicked off your Beautiful Things solo tour a few weeks ago with The Dear Hunter and Good Old War as your backing band. How have the first week or so of shows been?
It’s been incredible. It’s a way different experience from touring with Circa, but it’s just as intense. It’s been really fun. Up until a few days ago we were still trying to tighten up the set to figure out all the kinks in it. I think we have a really good set going,

You frequently do solo shows, but this is your first extended tour in a hot minute. Is it nice to change it up from Circa like this every once in a while?
It definitely helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

Can you talk about what Good Old War add to the live show as your backing band and how important it is to have them out with you?
I think that they’re just incredible musicians. They really help me put a different sound to all of these songs that just start out acoustic with vocals. The idea to make “Stone Hearted Man” a bluesy-reggae song was their idea. Different elements of the live show really benefit from their suggestions and input too.
POZ: Beautiful Things is promoted as a solo CD, but does having them on it make it so much more of an experience for you?
Anthony: I can call those guys up and have them come in and jam on something they’ve never heard before. They’ll just come in and write their parts right there. Most of the time they’ll be looking at me to ask me what I think of the music, and I’m just like, “It’s fucking awesome.”

This is also the first solo tour in many years where you’ve had new material to promote. How are the new songs going over live?
I think they’re going over really well. I’ve been playing acoustic and alternative versions of a lot of songs on the album for the last year and a half, so I don’t really ever get the experience of playing a brand new song.
POZ: What’s the rest of the set been like?
Anthony: We try to keep a pretty good balance of old and new stuff. There are a few jams were working on for a new record that we kind of fit in at the end of a few songs. There are so many parts in the set where we look to each other for queues. It makes every night different and exciting. 

Beautiful Things was released a week ago via Photo Finish Records. Outside of the live show, how has the reaction been?
As much as I’ve paid attention, I’ve gotten really good responses. I’m probably more confident in that record than I have been about any record in the past.

Fans have been waiting a long time for this one and the sound is definitely much different from Avalon. Do you think everyone has grasped the change yet?
I don’t really know. I went into it expecting people not to, but it’s being accepted pretty well. Like I said, I’m not really in some place where I know if what I’m seeing is necessarily true. The people that I’m around and the people that are most vocal seem to be receiving it really well. But then again, I have my head in my ass [Laughs].

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At the fox theatre in pamona, it gets loud in here. @beautiful_things_tour (Taken with instagram)